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Our vision & ethos

We partner with our clients to accelerate the development of new and better medicines that prevent, halt or reverse fibrosis in chronic disease.

We design and execute drug development studies with care, tailoring work to our clients goals and building the foundations for clinical implementation of their products.

We carry out in-house R&D to continually advance our technologies to provide our clients with the most state-of-art pre-clinical drug development platforms.

We strive to provide an enriched and nurturing work experience for our staff and to offer them opportunities for career development.


Our approach

We provide our clients with knowledge exchange of current understanding in the field of fibrosis and chronic disease to help guide their drug development aspirations.

With decades of experience at the cutting edge of fibrosis research we offer clients the most state-of-art technologies combined with expert project planning to ensure delivery of robust and insightful pre-clinical data.

Our dedicated technical staff are carefully recruited and expertly trained with the purpose of offering our clients the highest quality technical service available in the sector.

Our leadership team of fibrosis world experts take personal responsibility to review, interpret and present data in the form of bespoke project reports that guide our clients on their future journey to clinical studies.



The team

Fibrofind is led by a managing team of world-renowned experts in the field of Fibrosis research, cumulating more than 100 years of experience.