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Expert experimental planning and design

Our team are dedicated to arming our clients with robust pre-clinical data that confidently guides their decision-making for progressing their drugs to clinical trials.

From the initial point of contact through experimental design and to study completion, our team of world-class senior scientists will consult and guide clients to deliver outcomes that match their drug development aspirations.

Human tissue precision-cut slices

Our patented state-of-art tissue bioreactor technology enables efficacy determination for antifibrotic drugs in viable 3-D human tissue slices that overcome the limitations of simple monoculture pre-clinical models.

Our technology maintains all of the key cellular elements involved in fibrogenesis within a physiologically viable, functional and architecturally intact state.

We currently offer this innovative pre-clinical solution for liver, kidney and lung.

In vivo disease model

Our team bring a combined expertise of decades of research into in vivo disease modelling to offer our clients injury-specific models of fibrosis in liver, kidney and lung.

Our depth of experience ensures the delivery of robust and highly reproducible pre-clinical data to give our clients a high degree of confidence for advancing their drugs to clinical studies.