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Our proprietary bioreactor supported precision-cut tissue slice (PCTS) platform offers the most physiological pre-clinical model for discovery biology and drug efficacy evaluation. This unique system provides a highly physiological pre-clinical model, offering superior performance for discovery biology and drug efficacy evaluation. By overcoming the limitations of mouse models and simplistic monolayer cell culture systems, our platform stands unrivalled against organoid or stem cell-derived alternatives, as it more accurately represents the complex cellular anatomy, cell heterogeneity, and native cell-cell/cell-matrix interactions found in human organs. Uniquely, our PCTS are derived from human tissues of older donors, thereby retaining the age, genetic and epigenetic characteristics that significantly influence health, disease and responses to therapeutics.

The FibroFind team has skilfully overcome logistical, scaling, and technical challenges to establish reproducible, high-quality human PCTS models across a variety of tissues. Currently, our portfolio includes models from human liver, kidney and IPF-lung PCTS, available in 12, 24-, and 96-well formats. This versatility allows us to tailor studies in the optimal format to best meet your investigative requirements.

As a globally recognised leader in developing custom-tailored models of inflammation, fibrosis and metabolic disease, FibroFind orchestrates and executes a wide array of pre-clinical discovery investigations. Our dynamic capabilities span from biomarker identification to toxicology, and from drug target discovery to validation.

Harnessing the power of in-house robotic liquid handling, AI-guided automated data analysis and a highly skilled technical team, FibroFind delivers unmatched technical quality in all client studies. Our utilisation of robotics guarantees meticulous processing of samples, facilitating precise, longitudinal measurement of disease-related cytokines, chemokines, extracellular matrix and other biologically active molecules from PCTS. Coupled with rigorous histopathology, RNA seq, proteomics and single cell nuclei RNA seq analyses on PCTS tissues, we deliver an unrivalled, comprehensive exploration of human biology and therapeutic efficacy. Holistic investigation of human biology and therapeutic effectiveness. This approach positions us at the forefront of the industry, redefining standards of excellence.

Our technology platform is detailed in our publication in Hepatology journal that describes the PCLS (Liver) technology and associated outputs

Our platform has been used for a number of published studies, which can be accessed using the links below.