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Annual General Meeting and Shareholders' Meeting

What a year!

The Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 15th, 2022 at 12:00.

If you wish to attend the meeting please inform us using the contact form.


Bionow Awards 2022: Fibrofind nominated in 2 categories!

The whole team is extremely proud of being shortlisted in two categories for the Bionow Awards 2022: Bionow Start-Up of the Year and Bionow Export Award!

This nomination is the result of the daily dedication and passion of our amazing team for the delivery of outstanding services.

The whole team is so excited and will attend the award ceremony on March 31st, at the Concorde Conference Centre. Fingers Crossed!

Fibrofind is sponsor of the Extracellular Matrix Pharmacology Congress

ECM 2022, held on 23-25 June 2022 is the first international extracellular matrix pharmacology congress.

"The aim of the ECM2022 congress is to focus on development of new drugs targeting the extracellular matrix and improve our understanding of changes to the extracellular matrix across chronic diseases."


Hepion Pharmaceuticals and FibroFind Announce Anti-Cancer Activity of CRV431 in a Nonclinical Liver Cancer Study

Hepion Pharmaceuticals announced the results of a nonclinical research study conducted with Fibrofind showing that CRV431 significantly decreased the growth of liver tumors in a mouse model of liver cancer.

Additionally, CRV431 was as effective at decreasing tumor burden as an anti-PD1 antibody immune checkpoint inhibitor, PD1 antibody, and produced more beneficial changes in tumor-infiltrating cells compared to anti-PD1 antibody treatment.

Gilead exposes results of Fibrofind Study at ICL 2021

FibroFind is proud to share the poster showing the results of a study carried out for one of our clients, a major pharmaceutical company, Gilead Sciences, Inc.

The poster was originally displayed at the recent European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL) annual meeting (ILC2021). Using its patented bioreactor and human precision-cut tissue slices (PCLS), FibroFind have tested Gilead’s novel compound in a setting of fatty liver.

Based on the data collected from three human donors, Gilead conclude in the summary of the poster these data are similar to improvements in steatosis and fibrosis observed in patients with NASH treated with FIR and CILO combination therapy, and suggest human PCLS as a promising translational model to evaluate future NASH therapies”

FibroFind collaborate to discover mTORC1-Plin3-regulated lipophagy protects against fatty liver disease

FibroFind collaborates to discover mTORC1-Plin3-regulated lipophagy protects against fatty liver disease.

We are excited to announce the publication of an important collaborative study with the Newcastle Fibrosis Research Group where we applied our precision-cut liver slice (PCLS) bioreactor technology to discover a naturally occurring mechanism that guards against the unhealthy build-up of fat in hepatocytes which affects up to 1 billion people worldwide and can lead to chronic liver disease and/or development of liver cancer.

New publication in The EMBO Journal in a research using Fibrofiond's PCLS Technology

​Neutrophils induce paracrine telomere dysfunction and senescence in a ROS-dependant manner.

Derek Mann, Chief Scientific Officer, explains that the use Fibrofind's PCLS Technology "adds an important human science angle to a story about how neutrophils which are perhaps the most important cells for tackling infections, promote tissue ageing".

This paper is published in The EMBO Journal is accessible under Open Souce Licence.

PCLS technology will be presented at NASH Summit 2020

Our CEO, Jelena Mann, will present our Precision-Cut Liver Slice technology at the 4th Annual NASH Summit and its use in the preclinical phase of the Drug Development process.

Click below to learn more about the NASH summit or contact us to enquire about the PCLS technology and our related services.

Lee Borthwick presented PCS Technology at 4th Annual AFDD Summit

On November 17th, 2020, Dr Lee Borthwick, our Chief Operation Officer presented our patented Pricesion-Cut Slice technology and its use for the modelling of Fibrosis in pre-clinical trials at 4th Annual AFDD summit.

If you missed this talk and want to know more about the PCS technology get in touch with us!

Fibrofind's Precision-cut Liver slices used in research paper published in Nature Metabolism

On November 9th 2020, Nature Metabolism has published an article resulting from a research project led by the Newcastle Fibrosis Research Group that uses Fibrofind's Precision-cut Liver Slices technology.

The paper entitled "c-Rel orchestrates energy-dependent epithelial and macrophage reprogramming in fibrosis"

The complete article is available on open access.

A shareholders meeting will be held on Thursday, September 17th 2020, from 12:00 to 12:30 to discuss and approve the following resolution:

- Resolution 1: The transfer of the intellectual property from Fibrofind Ltd to Fibrofind IP Ltd.

All shareholders are invited to contact Jeremy Domis ( to receive information about the location of the meeting.

Fibrofind demonstrates Hepion's CRV431 efficacy on IPF

In a new study ran for Hepion's Pharmaceuticals, Fibrofind demonstrate that Hepion's drug candidate, CRV431, first tested on Liver shows efficacy on idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

Meet Fibrofind at NASH Summit 2020

Jelena Mann and Lee Borthwick, respectively CEO and COO of Fibrofind will be present and present our Precision-Cut Slice technology at the 4th Annual NASH Summit

Fibrofind at Keystone Symposia on Fibrosis and Tissue Repair

From February 19-23, three of our directors attended Keystone Symposia on Fibrosis and Tissue Repair, with our COO, Dr. Lee Borthwick, presenting our Precision-Cut Slice technology

Read our publication on our PCLS Technology

Read our Precision-Cut Liver Slice technology paper published in Hepatology Journal

Hepion Pharaceutical: CRV431 shows great antifibrotic efficacy in PCLS study

​Hepion Pharmaceutical's NASH drug shows remarkable efficacy in a Precision-cut Liver slice Study on human tissue preformed by Fibrofind

Hepion Pharaceuticals - Nasdaq: +46% on positive NASH data

Great results on testing its CRV431 compound in a Fibrofind PCLS Study leads to impressive results on Hepion's value on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange

Vicore Pharma announces effects of VP01 on idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) patient tissue

Last September, Vicore Pharma Holding a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company announced the positive results obtained testing their drug candidate VP01 on IPF lung tissue using Fibrofind's Precision-Cut Slices platform.