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FibroFind specialise in the application of a patented bespoke human tissue culture platform in which thin slices of intact human liver, lung and kidney can be maintained in a healthy and metabolically functional state. Importantly these tissue slices contain all of the different cell types found in a tissue and in their original anatomical location prior to removal from the human body. This is a major advantage over other simple cell culture or synthetic tissue constructs. As important is the fact that these tissues generally come from older people, as this the demographic at highest risk of becoming affected by age associated diseases. The tissues also retain the personalised genetic makeup that will include genetic risk factors for common diseases and responses to drugs, plus the tissues also often have a background pathology that is relevant to patient pharmacology and toxicology. FibroFind's human tissue models of fibrosis and inflammation in multiple organ systems that can be used to validate drug targets and determine the anti-fibrotic activities of client’s candidate drugs. FibroFind offer this platform as a drug testing service to pharma and biotech companies.