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Based on decades of experience with in vivo disease modelling, we can offer clients a suite of acute or chronic tissue injury models reporting the ability of new drugs to suppress the inflammatory and fibrogenic processes in liver, kidney and lung.


Models we offer include:

  • Carbon tetrachloride (CCL4) induced toxic liver injury;
  • Bile duct ligation (BDL) induced cholestatic liver injury;
  • Methionine Choline Deficient (MCD) dietary model of steatotic liver damage;
  • Unilateral Utereral Obstruction (UUO) model of renal interstitial fibrosis;
  • Bleomycin induced lung injury.


According to the specific needs of our clients, we will carefully design bespoke prophylactic or therapeutic protocols that can report the efficacy of drugs for preventing, halting or reversing fibrosis in the context of ongoing tissue damage.